About Individual Sessions

Karen offers Non-dual Pointing / Satsang / Coaching to individuals / groups seeking to inquire into the nature of reality via Skype, FaceTime, or at a live organised event – face-to-face.

The suggested minimum donation per individual session is £45 or equivalent – paid in advance, when the session is booked. When you book, you commit to that session. Sessions last 45 mins to one hour.

Please note: Cancellations made with over 24 hours notice will be rescheduled, same day cancellations (within 24 hours)  are non-refundable.

You must be able to speak good English – or have an interpreter with you – also, have a reliable internet connection to enable the call to be possible – thank you for your understanding. 

Karen feels access to this information should be available to all which is why there are videos / audio / writings available for free via this website. Karen is also open to the possibility of concessions for one-to-one sessions for those in financial difficulty – however, this has to be by prior agreement.

It is the financial offerings provided  that enables Karen to commit to sharing in this way as that helps cover living expenses – thank you for your support in respect of this, it is deeply appreciated.

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  1. Hi Karen,
    We had a telephone session once and I’m just writing to see if you still offer these?

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