All is Grace

Life is as it IS,

Forever and always just so,

All apparent happenings,

Unfolding in the eternal now.

Who am I to question,

The will of life itself,

When I attempt to impose ideas,

Only suffering will result.



Every experience is simply a gift,

To see beyond all form,

When personal identity shifts,

What is realised is the impersonal dawn.

Awakening reveals great wisdom,

That was forever and always – right here,

Surrender beyond all sense of self,

And everything becomes very clear.



Merging with the infinite,

There is nothing ever to do,

Accept to surrender and allow,

The will of life shines through.

All there really is IS Grace,

Revealed beyond all doubts,

The infinite seen in countless faces,

An eternal sea of love.

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  1. Moves you to stillness

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