The ancient Shiva Mountain,

Calls from a land a-far,

Emanating from pure silence,

The Truth of who you are.


The power of such presence,

Calms the chattering mind,

Revealing the permanent wisdom,

Incessant thinking seems to blind.


Conveyed as pristine silence,

The universal language of the heart,

Life as it truly is – the totality,

No division or separate parts.


Those who seem to understand,

Are no-where to be found,

Ruthlessly devoured by bliss

Love’s eternal silence abound.


Karen Richards

May 12th 2011

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  1. Hi. Thanks for your work and articulate expression, Karen. I was curious whether you have encountered the path of the Masters, the path of the Sound Current reverberating within the third eye.

    Thanks, in advance, for your feedback.

    Love and Sound,

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