Mother Mystery

In an instant the minds cover – blown,
And what has always been known,
Was revealed in shining perfection true,
Ever fresh, yet – not new
Emergence from false ideology
Clearly revealing ‘there is no me’

Arising from within – oh so many things
A falling leaf
Ten thousand springs
On a hill far away – a fire a-light,
The cold north wind
A newborn’s cry
Reflected upon a lake so still
The shimmering sun in the glory of morn
The soaring eagle arises in depth of night,
Toward a silvery moon
In the sky so high,
A chorus of birds and the laughter of friends
Intimacy between lovers
A returning dance without end….

Life shows herself when she has chosen you,
The Self reveals ONE life – not two,
And suddenly remembered, is what has always been known,
ALL is this- right here and now,
Just as it is, the miracle hue,
Far too simple to be true
And yet it IS and when it’s seen
Without earthly eyes of blue or green,
There is no doubt
Of the perfection that’s here,
Within the seemingly imperfect – seen so clear,

All forms rise up, to just fall away,
Revealing each moment the depth of life
Without belief rising from distorting mind
How could one ever have been so blind?
To miss what was here – but all along
Simple, unwavering and infinitely strong.
The truth of life it always waits
Such is the power of eternal grace
Within a grasp yet cannot be held
Arising from Truth – ONE as ALL,
Not a fragmental part– but the totality
Think and it’s gone – hidden how can that be?
Such it IS – the great mystery,
Revealing NOTHING but the wisdom – ‘I am free!’

The joy and sadness, the whole pretence,
Is of absolutely no consequence
For what it is it – can never be gained,
Strive as you may, seeking in vain
For what you are was never born
And is not found on any distant shore
It cannot be reached along less travelled roads
Simply stop looking without and ‘just know’
Simply ‘this’ – so plain, so clear
All that ever IS – is simply here!
In the absence of striving and seeking – it’s KNOWN
Constantly abiding, the eternal home.