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I first started making jewellery quite by accident. I was drawn to a jewellery stand by the side of the road in Tiruvannamali, Tamil Nadu, South India and came home from my visit there with lots of gemstone beads! I then taught myself to make jewellery – I love to see which stones seem to be called to go together. The designs then seem to make themselves…I find colour and shapes very inspiring and really enjoy seeing how the designs naturally seem to emerge…I hope you love my designs as much as I enjoyed making them… <3

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  1. Hello Karen,

    I recently watched one of your interviews, Buddha at The Gas Pump on YouTube which I believe was from 2012. I really enjoyed listening to you talk about your experience with self-realization.
    I had a few intermittent experiences of my own of a no-self or the sense of a different perspective on life which lasted a day and up to five days in some instances. As the pressures and conflicts of life continue as they do for most people, my experience with “It” or “That” appears to diminish and I’m back to self-identification which was probably due to my resistance to the Now. I don’t know if it has anything to do with not deepening my experience during those critical periods, because I fall right back to a default sense of self and as a result can’t sustain that realization.
    Originally, I used to picture what it was like to be connected to my true essence. Now, I try not to attach myself to any belief of what to expect. In my conceptual thinking or perhaps my true self knowing that there is no way of knowing what the outcome will be.
    Letting go of things has been a challenge but not impossible. Losing my mother has probably been my biggest obstacle in my clarity or truth in reality. Sometimes I feel fixated on the notion that she is okay somewhere (afterlife), but another part of me is saying that her body and identity have dissolved upon her death. I don’t have a religious background, although being exposed to it, where the United States is predominantly Christian may have influenced my perception from a stand point of cultural conditioning in a subtle way. After reading many of the nondual authors of spiritual teachings, learning that we are completely annihilated upon our death was a terrible blow in the idea of losing all sense of who I am and that my mother no longer exists. My dilemma is trying to understanding at a deeper level what this all means and to ultimately know who I really am.

    Any pointers would be appreciated,

    Thank you in advance,
    Richard Carlson

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