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Video Slideshow: All is Grace


The ancient Shiva Mountain, Calls from a land a-far, Emanating from pure silence, The Truth of who you are.   The power of such presence, Calms the chattering mind, Revealing the permanent wisdom, Incessant thinking seems to blind.   Conveyed as pristine silence, The universal language of the heart, Life as it truly is – […]

Be As You Are

Closer than the breath of life, Beyond the gentle sigh, The all pervading silence, Stillness watching – as all goes by.   Without preference, simply observing, With an impersonal eye, All that seems to be taking place, Traceless – as a bird across the sky.   Oh, the openness of being, That is what you […]

All is Grace

Life is as it IS, Forever and always just so, All apparent happenings, Unfolding in the eternal now. Who am I to question, The will of life itself, When I attempt to impose ideas, Only suffering will result.     Every experience is simply a gift, To see beyond all form, When personal identity shifts, […]

My Nature is Silence

Oh what can possibly be uttered, Of that beyond all time? Which apparently asks for nothing, Nor questions as to why? Life, the greatest mystery, Oh what does it all mean? Is there something lying beneath, The surface of all that’s seen? Amidst the suffering and chaos, There lies the greatest gift. To live life […]

Mother Mystery

In an instant the minds cover – blown, And what has always been known, Was revealed in shining perfection true, Ever fresh, yet – not new Emergence from false ideology Clearly revealing ‘there is no me’ Arising from within – oh so many things A falling leaf Ten thousand springs On a hill far away […]