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‘My first encounter with Karen came about at a time when I was making the difficult transition from being a devoted seeker, heavily laden with spiritual concepts, and coming back into ordinary life. During skype sessions with Karen, she first guided me to the direct and clear seeing of what I AM. Since then she has aided in the ongoing process of shedding the many layers of conditioned reactions and spiritual ego that were constructed. Karen’s approach is refreshingly down-to-earth and full of humour: she is a perfect example of how one can discover their essential nature and yet remain totally human at the same time…’

Matt – Oswestry, Wales.


‘My first Skype session with Karen was more of a cry for help than a search for truth. It took place during a very painful relationship breakup in which I was almost suicidal. I had however been seeking for some three years until it was brought to a halt soon after she told me to recognize that which is always the case throughout all of my experiences; that which neither comes nor goes; awareness. She also told me I could not fail.

The next day I focused my commitment to truth on recognizing awareness again and again, insofar as it was possible, throughout the day. Words can only betray any description of what came about from such a simple and practical instruction but I can now say that that which I craved and searched for is seen to be here at all times as long as I am willing to stop and notice it. I am often overwhelmed by tears of gratitude and laughter by the sheer simplicity of it all!

I have since been in touch regularly with Karen via email and Skype as there has been (and still is) a deepening process in which some challenges have come up for me. I am deeply grateful for her ongoing support in pathless journey to self-discovery. Also, her humour, kindness and down to earth approach to non-duality have made all this quite good fun!…’

Daniel – Cambridge, England.


‘To successfully meet someone where they are you must experientially know the territory to have a context. Karen is such a person. Her ability to meet people where they are is a testimony to her broad range of personal human life experience, which enables her to know/understand another’s experiences. She is easy to relate to and her ability to embrace all aspects of life whether emotional pain or joy gives me the clear feeling that she understands. Karen is remarkably compassionate, wise and has a heart to match. If you’re seeking assistance from someone that won’t “blue sky” the human experience I highly recommend her…’

Stefano – Nellysford, Virginia, USA


‘The sessions I have had with Karen have been so helpful and encouraging. She seems to know where you are at in the journey and can help you see through the conditioning that is keeping you from experiencing Truth. She embodies a warmth, kindness, and genuineness that is so real and beautiful. There is a depth of wisdom in her words that can slice through any ego resistance. I feel my sessions with her have helped me deepen the realization of our true nature and I am so glad she is available to people in this way…’

Elisha – Calgary, Canada


‘My first Satsang. Little did I expect from these two days, in terms of new realisations. Yet throughout and afterwards I sense the presence of a few seeds, planted deep within. The joy of entirely letting go of wanting, letting everything be just as it is; there is so much energy freeing up inside, wanting only to bless all around me! What a surprise, and what a fundamental healing…’

Hans Kuik, The Netherlands


‘In ‘my’ awakening process I occasionally encounter a perceived barrier that seems difficult to cross. Nevertheless I was always able to cross this imaginary barrier on my own. But then the barrier of facing my so called demons arose and I got a bit scared and felt I couldn’t do this one alone. I met Karen two weeks earlier at a satsang she gave in the Netherlands and I knew I had to contact Karen for a skype session. Although I had some difficulty explaining the situation I was dealing with, she seemed to sense what was needed for me right away. Thank you Karen for reflecting back to me who I really am and for encouraging me to trust in the life that I am….’

To quote Marcus Aurelius: “Accept whatever comes to you woven in the pattern of your destiny, for what could more aptly fit your needs?”

Hans Berkenbosch, The Netherlands


My experience of Karen is that she is delightfully ordinary and reassuringly human. She is ‘the girl next door’. I feel as if I’ve known her all my life.

Karen is down to earth, kind and supportive whilst remaining clear and focused. She helps me see that my only ‘problem’ is a sense of separation from life and gently encourages me to trust the life that I am no matter what form it takes. With Karen’s guidance I am more able dismantle the seeming barriers I have erected that prevent me from fully experiencing my true nature. Karen demonstrates that the courage and personal honesty it takes to walk this path is not only required but absolutely possible.

Eileen,  Scotland.


‘I met Karen sometime ago via Skype and immediately I sensed her sincerity, simplicity, openness and great sense of humor. We met on a few more occasions via Skype and every time I enjoyed her presence, her no bs approach, her gift with words that were coming from a deep and direct understanding of what was being discussed.
At the beggining of November of 2013 I invited Karen to come to Miami to give satsang and to stay at my place during her visit. It was simply magical! She’ s everything I felt via Skype and much more! We had the opportunity to talk, share and spend time together.
Karen is a special human being, that speaks from having herself experienced, directly, the true nature of her existence! The satsangs were great, permeated by love!  It seemed everyone present enjoyed her very much and were touched by her compassion and wisdom!
I’m forerever grateful for the blessing of becoming her friend! I love her deeply – and I can’t wait to see her again on her next visit…!’
Pablo Manavello, Miami, Florida, USA.




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  1. Having touched this beautiful natural state of love and pure awareness I was delighted to see Karens DVDs sharing her truth. I can only confirm that she touched my true nature and is genuine. She is a blessing to mankind Much Love Robert Devon UK

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