‘You’ and ‘your life’ is just an appearance in and as the real you, which is life itself...

‘When the apparent personality ‘wakes up’, it is seen simultaneously that awakening is part of the dream...’

'Awakening refers to nothing other than the recognition of what is already present, the natural state of be-ing - pure, radiant wakefulness ♥

'Appearances seemingly making up the world of 'reality' are actually transient appearances, arising & dissolving in the only true reality - pure non-conceptual awareness...’

'Awakening isn’t the end or the beginning. It’s simply the apparent experiential recognition of eternal life living itself..'

'I discovered nothing. Simultaneously, it was also discovered that there was no 'I' that made the discovery...'

'In the seeing through of everything - even the desire for peace, peace is revealed...'

'The mind is like a prism, splitting ONE into infinate of parts. See THAT which knows mind also and you will have left the apparent world of separation without moving an inch...'

'All apparent desires are born from a single seed which is the desire to rediscover your true identity...'

'What is True requires no belief or defence. All that is seemingly required is to sincerely look. What is True shines self evidently...'

'Nothing is more fertile than emptiness...'

'Desire is nothing more than a symptom of wanting to know yourself...'

'Beyond the senses, closer than breathing, seemingly hidden, lies the great unity...'

'When you know yourself to be life itself, life moves through the human expression in harmony with the whole. Therefore knowing yourself is the greatest service to the 'world'...'

'Be like a rudderless ship on calm ocean with a full sail. Embrace the mystery that is life itself, content in the uncertainty of not knowing...'

'LOVE loves what IS. Awakening to 'reality' brings about an apparent choice - to resist or surrender to what IS. This choice is directly related to how much peace is experienced...'

'The greatest treasure is only seemingly found when there is a complete willingness to stand naked of any concepts...'

'Every experience is an opportunity to see beyond appearances and experientially become one with the eternal...'

'Simply BE, as you ARE...' 🙂

‘Inviting inquiry into the nature of reality’